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Treating acne is not vanity!

Acne can effect many people in many ways. As well as the discomfort it causes it can also have a negative effect on our self esteem. 

Having acne can make you feel self conscious or embarrassed. It can even lead to feelings of depression, anger or anxiety.

These feelings appear unrelated to the severity of the breakouts. Adults acne is just as likely to bring about feelings of negativity as teen acne.

Acne starts in the pilosebaceous unit.  

It presents as comedones, papules, pustules, information, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, oily skin, poor texture and tone.

Causes include hormone destruction,overproduction of sebum, hyperkeratinisation, increased viscosity of oil produced, it doesn't spread over the skin and also causing adherence of cellula debris, harbouring bacteria, reduced oxygen to the cells, the oil feeds the bacteria and the  bacteria multiply and spread.

There are four grades of acne they increase with severity.

Our aim is to treat, heal and prevent acne.

What can we do?

Diet- Spikes in insulin release can increase inflammation this is why people associate sugar with acne breakout.

Water- Increasing water intake improves general health condition of the skin and also is not as have to sugary drinks.

Mint tea - Suggested anti-inflammatory properties and some say is shown to reduce the outbreaks of acne.

Pillow case- Change your pillowcase regularly because it can build up bacteria gets back on your skin while sleeping.

Mobile phones - Cleaning mobile phone screen they’ve been proven to harbour many bacteria. Introduce the skin when you use your phone.

Don’t touch your face - Avoid touching your face introduce bacteria to your skin from your hands.

Hormones - With hormonal causes of acne is suspected arrange to see your GP who may be able to use medication to help you.

Cleanse - Cleansing appropriately cleans the pores and reduces the P acne bacteria.

Exfoliate - This reduces inflammation refreshes and refined the skin there are manual exfoliants insuring they have biodegradable microbeads fluid exfoliants, acid exfoliants and enzymatic exfoliants. 

Retinol - Stimulating collagen production and normalising keratinisation and unclogs pores.

Salicylic acid - this acid exfoliates keratinise skin reduces inflammation penetrate deep into the follicle and controls breakouts.

Other helpful ingredients - Oligopeptide 10, resverarol, sea whip, hinokitol, honey and aloe. These ingredients in skincare help reduce the acne bacteria, offer moisturising benefits to the skin whilst avoiding breakouts, increase antioxidants and reduce inflammation.

Sun protection factor - SPF is vital for all skin. Those who suffer with acne tend avoid it because they find it can increase their breakouts due to its heavy nature. Oil free SPF is available.

Skin peels - Customised skin peel treatments of the improved tone texture and radiance. They resurface the skin increase dermal volume and increase the permeability of the skin to ensure the best benefit of topical treatment. Used alongside appropriate skincare skin peels are a fantastic treatment for acne.

Microneedling - Suffer from acne can leave discolouration of the skin and scarring. This is a treatment where controlled trauma is caused the skin this breaks down the scarring, reduces the discolouration and produces more collagen improving the condition and appearance of the skin.

Acne treatment as many factors, get help to treat it!

Kelly x

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